"Keeping Your Business Moving"

Customer Information

Momentum Courier is the leading delivery agent in the midwest. Momentum Courier is a delivery agent for several national shipping and logistics companies. Momentum Courier is also a direct delivery agent for several private industry customers. Momentum Courier is always looking for new customers to partner with to provide a complete logistics solution for your needs. Momentum Courier will bring over 20 years of logistics and customer service experience to the table to help create a customized logistics solution for your company and your customers. Momentum Courier has over 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the MRO/OEM industry. Momentum Courier understands the cost of slow inefficient logistics solutions and can help you improve your current solutions to eliminate wasted costs and wasted time. Time is money when you are in a breakdown situation and no one understands how to address that issue more than Momentum Courier.

If you would like a free consultation or quote for your logistics needs contact Momentum Courier today at 859-694-3700 or email sam.momentum@yahoo.com. We look forward to providing you with your customized total logistics solution.