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About Us

The 21st Century Supply Chain demands seamless integration from inception to completion.

It requires that every supplier execute perfectly each and every day to ensure that the customer gets their product on time every time.

Momentum Courier’s customized logistics solution will provide integrated solution for the entire supply chain. Whether it is a same day scheduled shipment or route, an expedited just in time delivery, or an emergency shipment to prevent a break in the supply chain Momentum Courier provides the logistical solution to give their partners a strategic advantage over their competitors. Momentum Courier’s logistics model is designed to scale multiple industries and multiple service levels based on each customer’s requirements.

Become a Momentum Courier partner and start reaping the advantages today of unmatched customer satisfaction and clear visibility into all aspects of your supply chain. Whether it is emergency shipments, last minute just in time shipments or daily routes the Momentum solution is all you need. Momentum Courier provides industry specific solutions and specialty services such as white glove or specialty courier service. Call Momentum Courier today at 606 308 8064 to join our team and move your company into the 21st century.

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Our Mission

Whether it is across town, the next city, or across the nation Momentum Courier will deliver your shipment door to door directly to its destination on time every time. Momentum Courier’s team of logistics experts and professional drivers provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost to their partners. Companies count on Momentum to ensure that their customers are 100 percent satisfied with their service on every shipment.