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The Essential Role of Courier Services in Today’s Fast-Paced World

In an era where time is of the essence and the demand for rapid, reliable delivery services is at an all-time high, courier services have emerged as the backbone of
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Momentum Courier Donates Food to Save Puppies

Momentum Courier donated several bags of puppy chow to the Garrard County Animal Shelter on September 12th. The animal shelter stated they were down to their last bag of food.
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Momentum Courier Supports Eastern KY Flood Victims

Momentum Courier donated critical supplies to the eastern KY flood victims on August 26th. Supplies included 70 five gallon buckets that will be used by Water with Blessings to provide
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Momentum Courier to Sponsor the 2022 Momentum Courier Hunger Bowl

Momentum Courier is sponsoring the September 16th Hunger Bowl. The RCHS football game against South Laurel will be known as the Momen­tum Courier Hunger Bowl, according to owner Sam Hamilton.Hamilton
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