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Human Organs & Blood

A Life Is On The Line: transporting blood, organs, tissue and blood products!


Momentum Courier’s Organ-Xpress solution offers seamless and timely medical transportation to transplant facilities and organ and tissue procurement organizations; from remote locations or hospitals, we ensure time-critical transportation once the organ or tissue becomes available. Momentum Courier understands the logistic complexities of organ & human tissue transport and our expert team facilitates organ and tissue procurement from initial pickup to its final destination safely and securely.

Transplant organ and tissue logistics providers need to be available at any time to transport organs and tissues from donors to transplant facilities. There are climate control regulations and time limits for transplant organ and tissue viability. You need an experienced medical logistics company that has proven its capabilities in this sort of specialized delivery space.

Momentum Courier understands the importance and time-sensitivity of transplant organ and tissue transportation. Our logistics providers follow the strict protocols set by organ and tissue banks to ensure a safe transfer of harvested organs and tissues and timely deliveries. Learn more about our Organ and Tissue Transplant Transportation services below or request a quote today!


The medical world is constantly evolving, but one thing that is constant– every second matters. Details and proper accounting of blood and blood products are just as important. That is where Momentum Courier’s Blood-Xpress solution plays a critical role in this process.

Our Momentum Courier team specialize in the healthcare industry, offering safe, reliable, and secure transportation of blood and blood products so your team can get the efficient results you need for quality patient care.

From the moment blood is drawn, there is an imaginary clock happily ticking away. Unlike regular parcels, these items are sensitive to time, temperature, and external factors. Maintaining the integrity of these deliveries is crucial to the health and safety of the patient. Our Blood-Xpress solution ensure this integration is assured from point A to B – and everything in between. Learn more about our Blood and Blood Products Transportation services below or request a quote today!

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