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It is not a package: It is someone’s Life in your hands!

Momentum Courier has been serving the medical community for 20 years, and we understand the critical importance surrounding medical specimen essential deliveries.

Our knowledgeable medical drivers practice proper specimen handling procedures, such as temperature control, record keeping, and universal precautions. We are committed to the highest quality of service with strict adherence to all regulatory requirements. Our drivers utilize industry standards including Blood Borne Pathogen protocols for shipping diagnostic specimens and biological products by ground courier transport.

Momentum Courier drivers know the importance of maintaining various specimen temperatures for refrigerated and frozen specimen transport. We ensure that HIPAA secure chain-of-custody procedures are followed and patient confidentiality is protected. Keeping public safety as a top priority. With our extensive experience, we can ensure that each medical specimen is handled with the highest standards, delivered on time and with a sense of urgency. Learn more about our Lab Specimen Transportation services below or request a quote today!


Momentum Courier’s Lab-Courier solution provides our customers with scheduled routes either daily or as needed to transport all their medical lab specimens safely and securely from the pickup locations to the lab for diagnostic testing. Learn more about our Lab-Courier Transportation services below or request a quote today!


Momentum Courier’s Lab-Xpress solution handles all of our customers last minute on-demand, stat, or emergency lab specimens. Momentum Courier’s expert team is ready 24 hours a day to quickly  dispatch a driver to pick up your time sensitive sample and expedite its delivery to the lab. Learn more about our Lab-Xpress Transportation services below or request a quote today!


Many customers utilize UPS and Fedex to routinely transport their medical specimens to the designated lab on a daily basis. Unfortunately there are times when these shipments get stuck in transit and Fedex or UPS are unable to deliver them to their destination. Momentum Courier’s Lab-Rescue solution is designed to rescue your time sensitive temperature sensitive samples from wherever they are stuck and deliver them promptly and securely to their final destination before they expire. . Learn more about our Lab-Rescue Transportation services below or request a quote today!

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