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The Challenge of Medical Equipment Transportation: Maintaining a Sterile Enviroment!

The number one concern related to the transportation of medical equipment is maintaining a sterile safe environment for the patients wellbeing . After a sterile item is transported away from the healthcare facility, it must be transported in controlled environmental conditions that ensure its sterile state.

These controlled conditions must be maintained as an item is transported into and out of the healthcare facility and while in the vehicle. For example, if the transport vehicle must be clean, it cannot contaminate the item, and the equipment must be secured, to ensure that items cannot become dislodged, resulting in damage.

Momentum Courier monitors the transportation of their devices using standardized monitoring methods for the type of shipment required to move the product from the origin to the end user. This often involves monitoring the shipping containers and devices temperature and humidity levels, as well as shock and tilt sensors on the cartons to monitor for shaking and potential dropping of the shipping carton. This Monitoring is done to ensure that a device reaches the healthcare facility in a condition that maintains its function for use.Learn more  about our Pharmaceutical Transportation services below or request a quote today!

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Momentum Courier’s Sterile-Courier solution provides our customers with scheduled routes either daily or as needed to transport all their sterile shipments. Whether it is DME, surgical instruments, or medical supplies our team of experts will transport them safely and securely from the pickup locations to the hospital, clinic, long term care facility or to your home. Learn more about our Sterile-Courier services below or request a quote today!


Momentum Courier’s Sterile-Xpress solution handles all of our customers last minute on-demand, stat, or emergency medical equipment shipments. Momentum Courier’s expert team is ready 24 hours a day to quickly  dispatch a driver to pick up your time sensitive sterile equipment and expedite its delivery to a hospital, clinic, long term care facility or to your home. Learn more about our Sterile-Xpress services below or request a quote today!

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